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About Santana Outdoors


Throughout my years as a hunter and avid outdoorsman I have always strived to be better prepared and more comfortable. I was even having my wife make me clothes because I wasn't getting from the big sporting goods stores what I wanted.

Come to find out it was service from them and most of the big retailers dont want to sell you a better product, they want to sell you "THEIR" product. So we started Santana Outdoors in 2009, our mission is to find the best, we call "Premium Hunting Gear", we don't just sell it, we use it.

If your looking for a professional recommendation, call us. If my team doesn't know how to meet your need, ask for me.


God Bless and hope to see ya in the field,

Eric Santana


You can contact us at:

Santana Outdoors or by phone at 928-978-6139.

We are located at:
913 N Mud Springs Rd
Payson, AZ 85541