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Eberlestock Dragonfly Bigmouth Backpack from Santana Outdoors
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Eberlestock Dragonfly Bigmouth Backpack

Eberlestock Dragonfly Bigmouth Backpack

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Eberlestock J107M Big Mouth Dragonfly is the same as the J107 but has the 8 1/2" Tactical scabbard.


Three packs in one:  This photo sequence shows the J107M transforming from a 2900 cubic inch behind-the-torso pack, to a 5400 cubic inch pack, to a 7900 cubic inch pack when combined with our J2SD Spike Camp Duffel (sold separately).  For a fourth option, the top pack pops off and can be used as a hydration-capable butt pack or courier pack (see below).

  The top pack quickly converts to an 800 c.i. "Go Bag" hydration-compatible butt or courier pack.

The J107 expands to carry as much as a human can reasonably walk with, yet it rides very close to your body, directly behind your torso, in the compact mode.

**Please note: the Backscabbard on this pack is sized for a large bolt-action sniper rifle.  We are told that customers carry M107 and M109 Barretts in it.  However, it is not wide enough for some AR-type weapons with optics and magazines (these can get pretty tall).

The frame on the Dragonfly is simple, sophisticated, and extremely comfortable.  The main pad section rides directly on the contourable stays, and is adjustable to exactly fit the torso length of the wearer.  The pads have just the right amount of body contact, and an air space between these and the framesheet allows a great deal of ventilation, giving the pack the best advantages of both internal and external frame packs.
  Top view of showing the width of the Backscabbard™ opening.



** Note:  The main differences between the J107M and the J107H hunting pack are that the 'M' has a solid-nylon front when expanded (instead of the H's mesh panel), and the use of Cordura instead of our NT1 hunting fabric.  In addition, the "Big Mouth" J107M has a wider scabbard, for over-sized sniper rifles, and an interior radio pocket with antenna portals.

Now available in Crye Multicam®


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