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First Lite Boundary Stormtight Jacket from Santana Outdoors
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First Lite Boundary Stormtight Jacket

First Lite Boundary Stormtight Jacket

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$300.00 $285.00
$261.25 Dry Earth
$285.00 ASAT
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$285.00 Realtree Max1


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The First Lite Wool Boundary Stormtight Jacket in ASAT is First Lite's news series of waterproof outerwear.  Made out of 100% cocona fabric that is at the cutting edge of waterproof/breathable material.  The jacket is the perfect answer for those needing a tough, durable waterproof jacket to hunt while still needing the jacket to breathe for those long hikes in the morning.  

  • Completely Waterproof (20,000mm) and unsurpassed in breathability (30,000 mvtr)
  • Compact and Lightweight; will easily stuff into the bottom of your pack
  • Exclusive Cocona Technology uses active particles
  • Built in strectch for range of motion
  • Waterproof zippers

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