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Hilleberg Saivo tent from Santana Outdoors
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Hilleberg Saivo tent

Hilleberg Saivo tent

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Supremely strong three person self-supporting tent that can handle any situation in any kind of weather. Like the Saitaris, the Saivo is well-suited to a wide array of adventures. It is the quintessential tent for those, such as climbers and ski mountaineers in isolated, high-mountain terrain, who will leave their base camp unattended for extended periods of time. At the same time, its strength and space to weight ratio also make it a superb choice for expedition use in demanding conditions (the Saivo is often used by teams going to the South Pole). Ski and paddle tourers, as well as desert travelers, have long appreciated the Saivo’s spacious interior and roomy vestibules, as well as its self-supporting structure and easy-to-pitch design. Of course, all these attributes also make the Saivo a great choice for less demanding trips, as well, whether that’s a weekend of car camping or a leisurely, week-long, base camp-oriented hiking vacation in the mountains. Pitch Instructions 2011 Click here for pitching instructions Pitch Instructions pre 2011 Click here for pre-2011 pitching instructions Saivo Facts Saivo Floorplan

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