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Stealth Cam Drone Command Hub Game Camera from Santana Outdoors
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Stealth Cam Drone Command Hub Game Camera

Stealth Cam Drone Command Hub Game Camera

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Stealth Wireless Drone Command Hub Game Camera works with a Verizon data plan, It takes me hours and miles on my vehicle to check my game cameras. It is so nice to be able to get photos right to my computer. This saves me time and money. Get a security box and python cable it to a tree. Make sure you place in a spot where it will be hidden from people. Also set back into a tree that they can only access from the front.

I like the drone because I don't have to go out there and get my scent all over to check my camera. We have customers using this for security too. They just set up at there home and see photos immediately of any one there.  

The DRONE System consists of 3 components that all work together to deliver many capabilities in remote image retreval from the field or for home survelence. The DRONE Camera, the DRONE GPS enabled wireless remote and the DRONE Command Hub website. With a Verizon plan you can scout game or do wildlife research wireless. 

How much money do you spend checking your game cameras? Fuel, time off work, and vehicle usage. You could be spending your time looking in other areas or even spending time with your spouse! Wow, that is priceless.

You also drop your scent and spook bigger game each time you go into the field. This camera can run 365 days a year with a 12v battery kit and solar panel.   

THE DRONE COMMAND HUB WEBSITE is where you take control – from the comfort of your home & office or even on the go through mobile devices. Secure login to your DRONE system camera gives you unprecedented access and a full set of controls over your image downloads.

The DRONE Command Hub secure access provides:
  • GPS mapping of camera locations
  • Control of multiple cameras with one login
  • SMS & Email notification of image upload
  • Battery and memory level monitoring
  • High resolution download
  • Data plan management & status monitoring
  • Pre-download image cropping
  • Camera configuration
  • Remote image deletion
  • Thumbnail preview
  • Image galleries
  • Email & Social media sharing

GPS MAPPING – Utilizing the latest in Global Positioning Technology, your DRONE camera is plotted on Bing™ maps, visible only to you through your secure log in.

COMPLETE DIAGNOSTIC TOOLS – Monitor your system’s battery status, memory capacity, camera connection, GPS and cell signal. Plus the flexibility to monitor and manage your specific data plan.

CAMERA CONFIGURATION – Customize your DRONE’s upload schedule to best suit your needs. Remotely reset the GPS and clear the memory card.

ADVANCED IMAGE MANAGEMENT TOOLS – The command hub gives you complete control of your images. Select and crop only the hi-res images you prefer to download with thumbnail preview. This maximizes your data plan* by not transmitting unwanted images. Also, create and manage online photo galleries, including social media integration.

PUSH NOTIFICATION – Want to know when the latest upload occurred? Set email and/or text message notifications and the DRONE will always keep you updated on activity.

MOBILE INTERFACE – The Command Hub is mobile friendly. Whether you’re on an iPhone, iPad, Android or any other mobile device with an internet connection, you can access your DRONE on the go.

Data Plans as of 5/2012

To activate and use the DRONE systems wireless function, register your DRONE and select the data plan that best suits your needs. The DRONE Command hub offers you the flexibility to control & monitor you plan to maximize it's potential.

Basic plan $19.99 month
Estimate 1,000 thumbnails or 25 High Resolution Pictures or a combination of both based on
consumer data management of plan.*

Plus Plan $39.99
Estimate 10,000 thumbnails or 250 High Resolution Pictures or a combination of both based on
consumer data management of plan.*

Advance Plan $79.99 Month
Estimate 50,000 thumbnails or 1,250 High Resolution Pictures or a combination of both based on
consumer data management of plan.*

Professional package $199.99 month
For the use of 5 cameras on one plan. Estimate 1 million thumbnails or 25,000 pictures or a
combination of both based on consumer data management of plan. Additional Drone Systems
cameras may be added to this plan with an additional monthly fee of $15 per Drone system
over the five base cameras.*
Mobile Broadband Data Plans are provided by DRONE Wireless
click the button to check wireless data coverage in your area
Drone Data Plans as of 5/1/2012 - Rates and terms subject to change at any time.
*Image downloads are estimates. Conditions such as but not limited to resolution setting, download schedule, weather, cell coverage as well as other factors could affect the actual number.

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