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Hilleberg Akto Solo All Season Tent from Santana Outdoors
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Hilleberg Akto Solo All Season Tent

Hilleberg Akto Solo All Season Tent
Hilleberg Akto Solo All Season Tent

Hilleberg Akto Solo All Season Tent

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A spacious, amazingly light, solo tent with true all season function.

Tent Profile

The Hilleberg Akto Solo Tent is ideal any time you need the lightest weight, all condition solo tent. It is especially good for long trips of any kind, in any season, where light weight is a very high priority. And while it was not designed for extreme use in exposed and/or above tree line terrain, the Akto has proven itself on extended polar expeditions, and so will stand up well to all conditions. This is, in part, because of the Akto’s roomy configuration – it will easily accommodate you and your gear – and because of its remarkably strong Kerlon 1200 outer tent fabric. Its single pole tunnel tent construction, very light (yet very strong) Kerlon 1200 and 9 mm pole make it best suited for mobile trips, where you move your camp every day.

Akto Users

When we first introduced the Akto over a decade ago, we did not know that it would become as popular as it has. Although only slightly heavier than a bivy bag, the Akto offers near-luxury, all-season shelter for the solo traveler – lodging that includes a vestibule and a packed size small enough to fit into a side pocket on many packs.

performance attributes

  • The Akto has true all-season capability, yet its total weight is only 1.6 kg/3 lbs 8 oz. Our tunnel design and linked inner and outer tents makes it very simple and quick to set up, and provides a high degree of stability in all conditions.
  • The single pole offers full sitting height in the middle of the tent, while sturdy fiberglass rods in the corners of the outer tent provide extra height, eliminating the claustrophobia that many solo tents engender.
  • Pitching requires only four pegs – one for each of the corner guy lines – yet an additional six points provide more options for increasing stability. This includes using the corner points at the head and foot ends of the tent and the double guy lines with double line runners on both sides of the pole sleeve. If needed, another guy line can be added to the front vent hood.
  • The Akto’s ventilation system functions regardless of weather conditions, since the inner tent’s fabric is highly breathable, and the main front vent – integrated into the door and fully adjustable – is protected by a generous hood. Both ends of the tent have zipper closure vents as well, and these are protected by the overhang formed by the guy line attachment points. Additionally, these ends are made from a venting fabric, which is highly air permeable but still able to keep rain and snow out. Lastly, the top half of the inner tent door no-see-um mesh panel covered with an equal sized, zipper-adjustable fabric panel.
  • The inner tent can be taken out and the Akto Mesh Inner tent can be used instead.
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