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Heads Up Whitetail Buck Decoy from Santana Outdoors
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Heads Up Whitetail Buck Decoy

Heads Up Whitetail Buck Decoy

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$99.99 Decoy & Bow Mount
$99.99 Decoy & Clamp


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Heads Up Whitetail Buck Decoy

It took a little bit, but they figured out how to make the best whitetail buck decoy on the market! This decoy is absolutely awesome and unbelievably realistic and effective. This decoy in not for the faint-of-heart. A Handheld decoy by design, the whitetail buck decoy is a cloth silhouette decoy with detachable flexible foam antlers that are extremely durable and fasten securely to the decoy.

They've made it big so you can kill big bucks. Little buck decoys may decoy in bucks, but they don't threaten the big boys. This decoy will decoy them all. In the heat of the rut, this decoy will threaten and challenge the dominate buck.

Use this decoy in conjunction with the decoy clamp that can be found on the accessory page for conventional stand hunting or use it in a handheld fashion in calling and rattling sequences, but use this decoy with extreme caution. This is a big buck and we recommend you wear hunter orange when operating the decoy. Use of this decoy during gun season is not recommended.

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