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Eberlestock Micro Condo 1-Man Tent from Santana Outdoors
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Eberlestock Micro Condo 1-Man Tent

Eberlestock Micro Condo 1-Man Tent

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Color: Military Green

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Eberlestock Micro Condo T2MJ 4 season tents were designed for those outdoorsman, military and police who demand the best. Eberlestock is transforming from just a Premium backpack manufacturer to a company that meets the needs of their customers and we are proud to be their top dealer here in the US.

Eberlestocks Tents are manufactured by European partners that have decades of research and experience. When made to Eberlestocks  specifications, they were careful to select features that American customers will appreciate, keeping up with  the Premium Quality that Eberlestock's demands in their products. No matter your stature, you'll enjoy the extra room and a good closure / weather seal system.

The Tents have well thought out features that include:
  • Gore-Tex gas-permable construction
  • Breathable for interior comfort and fresh air, but waterproof
  • Minimal condensation build up
  • Single occupant designs, yet a step up from standard bivy shelters
  • Big, easy entrances.

Miro Condo specs:

  • Weight 3lbs 15oz
  • Color Military Green
  • Free Standing Tunnel Design
  • Full Length awning entrance with sceen

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