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Eberlestock Ultralight Sleeping Bag G-Loft from Santana Outdoors
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Eberlestock Ultralight  Sleeping Bag G-Loft

Eberlestock Ultralight Sleeping Bag G-Loft

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Color: Dark Earth

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Brief Description
Detailed Description
Eberlestock Ultralight SU18 sleeping bag is a great warm weather bag, or works great in cooler weather if you wear insulated base layers. Not just a stand-alone bag, the Ultralight can be used as a liner for the Reveille, which when combined turns the pair into a true 4 season bag.

Eberlestocks Ultralight Sleeping bags are manufactured by European partners that have decades of research and experience. When making to their specifications, Eberlestock was careful to select features that American customers will appreciate, keeping up with  the Premium Quality that Eberlestock's demands in their products. No matter your stature, you'll enjoy the extra shoulder room and a good closure / weather seal system. The components of each of the sleeping bags are designed to provide an optimal Micro-Climate.

G-Loft insulation is manufactured from high-quality bi-component polymers. Its structure is similar in many ways to high-quality goose down. Three dimensional crimping ensures maximum resilience and loft. With Eberlestock's differential cut only the innermost layer is compressed. The outer layers retain their loft and therefore their insulation properties.

Sleeping Bag Features includes
  •  Either Carinthia G-Loft Synthetic Insulation or High-fill European Goose Down
  • Big Shoulder area for greater comfort and moving room.
  • Optimal size-to-weight-to-insulation balance
  • State of the art insulation and baffle designs
  • Excellent compressing bags for minimizing bulk.

Ultralight SU18 sleeping bag Specs

  • Weight 2 lbs 70z
  • Length 86.5"
  • Insulation G-Loft
  • Comfort / Push 41F / 10F
  • Color Olive


Below is the  information on the sleeping bags

Note: All lenght measurments are in Inches    
Bag Size Weight length Shoulder Width Width at Feet  Fill ( weight/ Material) Shell Fabric Lining Fabric
UltraLight Reg. 2.42 lbs 86.6 33.4      Hip 31
23.6 550g/G-Loft Shelltex 100 %
Polyamide Micro Fibre
Shelltex 100 %
Polyamide Micro Fibre
Lrg. 2.86 lbs 92.5 34.2     Hip 33
25.6 600g/G-Loft
Reveille Reg. 4.07 lbs 84.6 32.7    Hip 29
22.4 1000g/G-loft
Lrg. 4.40 lbs 90.5 34.2    Hip 31
23.6 1100g/G-Loft
Euro Down Reg. 3.74 lbs 82.7 32.7   Hip 28
20.5 1000g/600+ cuin European Goose Down Blend ratio 90 / 10
Lrg. 3.96 lbs 88.6 32.7    Hip 30
20.5 1050g/600+ cuin  European Goose Down Blend ratio 90 / 10

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