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Primos Security Box from Santana Outdoors
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Primos Security Box

Primos Security Box

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Security Boxes To Fit Primos Truth Cam 35,46,60, and Blackout

  This box Fits Primos Truth Cam 35, Truth Cam 46, and Truth Cam 60 and Truth Cam Blackout. (Will Not Fit Truth X Cameras) - Manufactured With All Steel Construction To Provide Exact Camera Fit. This Allows Camera To Be Taken In And Out And Still Point Back To Same Spot. (Unlike Competitors Shoe Box Design) - Powder Coated With A Camo Break-up Paint Applied - Helps To Protect Your Camera From Natures Elements - Stops Animals From Chewing On Your Camera - Theft Deterrent - Can Be Lagbolted, Bungeed, Or Belted To The Tree - Allows Use Of Padlock Or Python Cable

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