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GhostBlind Predator from Santana Outdoors
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GhostBlind Predator

GhostBlind Predator

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The Ghost Blind Predator is a must have when you need to pack in your own concealment.  At 46" high, and 102" wide, this four panel "Adaptive Camouflage System TM" allows you to stay seated or crouched with no need to stand to shoot.  At just 12 lbs, this blind has reflective mirrors that help adapt to any surrounding area.  This is by far our number one seller in its class, we highly recommend it. The backside is printed with the New GhostBlind Camo Pattern. Simply hose off and wipe with a dry cloth. Includes a 2" adjustable carry strap, 2 bungee straps, string and tent stakes for easy tie down. Comes fully assembled and ready to use.Made in the USA.

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