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Eberlestock Endo G-type Insert Frame from Santana Outdoors
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Eberlestock Endo G-type Insert Frame

Eberlestock Endo G-type Insert Frame

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Color: Silver

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Brief Description
Detailed Description
The Endo G-Type Internal Frame is a great addition to many of our daypacks. Most of our smaller packs have classic internal small-pack frames called framesheets. These plastic sheets are well suited to their purpose, but sometimes our customers will want more structure. The Endo is the answer to this need; when inserted into the main load area of a pack, it nestles into the back corner, placing it alongside the main frame panel. Once there, the pack is transformed into a much more structured pack, with vertical and lateral rigidity. The great thing about this concept is that it adds very little weight to the pack, you can't feel any difference in comfort when the pack is on your back, and there is no noise associated with the frame.

The Endo has a subtle contour designed to enhance the lumbar support of our packs, and to follow the natural arc of the wearer's mid-upper back.

 Actual Weight = 4 oz.

Please note, the list of packs that this frame is compatible with is shown below

GS05 Gunslinger

Gunslinger II

Gunslinger II Hunting pack

Halftrack Hunting Pack (Tactical version already has metal stays)

Phantom Sniper



X3 Lo Drag

X4 HiSpeed

G1 Little Brother

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