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Flatline Maps from Santana Outdoors
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Flatline Maps

Flatline Maps

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Arizona Units:

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Flatline maps are boundary maps specific to individual hunting units as defined by the Arizona Game and Fish Department. We want you to
“Get Where They Live” by utilizing our innovative approach to map design.

A Flatline Map is produced using digital elevation model (DEM) terrain data and includes USGS land cover, contours, and is much more than just a downloaded topo or shaded contour map. The map is created using multiple data sources with road numbers, tank names and geographic locations entered by hand to avoid masking terrain features.


•  Customized hunting unit map – produced with the largest scale possible
•  Terrain is created using shaded relief and land cover
•  Contour intervals every 100’ with elevations every 500’
•  Printed on waterproof, heavy weight 10 mil synthetic paper
•  Coated with CLEAR SHIELD Liquid Laminate for enhanced UV protection,
    plus chemical and abrasion resistance.
•  Detailed hydrography including tank names
•  Declination compass showing magnetic and true North
•  GPS compatible with 1 mile UTM grid for ease of estimating distance
•  Arizona Game and Fish species information on folded map
•  Boundaries include: hunting unit, wilderness, forest service, state parks,
    national parks, private land, Indian Reservations, BLM and state land.

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