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The TriClawps Gun Claw Shooting System from Santana Outdoors
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The TriClawps Gun Claw Shooting System

The TriClawps Gun Claw Shooting System

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Introducing TRICLAWPS, The Gun Claw evolved! Many of you are already familiar with The Claw adapter and how it turns any tripod into the Ultimate Shooting System. With TRICLAWPS we have maintained the same strength and patent pending performance of The Claw but reduced the weight. TRICLAWPS has evolved from machined aluminum to a high density, glass reinforced resin. Simply clamp it on to your firearm prior to entering the field or take it out of your pack for the shot, it’s that versatile. No extra parts or installation involved. TRICLAWPS will attach to ALL your firearms….one size does it all!

The versatility and benefits of TRICLAWPS are unmatched.  Never be without a shooting support in any situation. Shoot confidently prone, sitting, kneeling, or standing….all off the same shooting support! It will hold your crosshairs on target, hands free. Help others get the target in site then let them make the shot. Reduce recoil by more than 50%. It excels in close range where quick panning and reaction is imperative or provides a stable platform for long range tactical shots. The benefits go on and on.

The TriClawps provides many advantages to the beginning or
experienced hunter and shooter.

1. Bench rest like shooting platform!

2. Unparalleled panning and tilting capabilities-all the
movements a tripod can make!

3. Maintains your firearm in ready/fire position!

4. Place cross hairs on target and lock in place to wait an
animal out or allow another person to make the shot!

5. Reduces recoil of shot by more than 50%!

6. Eliminates the need to carry an additional shooting support!

7. Shoot from any position, prone, sitting, and standing!

8. Shoot on any ground surface or ground angle with absolute

9. Rapid target reacquisition on multiple shots!

How To Attach The Claw

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