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Havalon Piranta Tracer 22 Skinning Knife from Santana Outdoors
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Havalon Piranta Tracer 22 Skinning Knife

Havalon Piranta Tracer 22 Skinning Knife

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Versatile Piranta Tracer-22
Fits Blades #20-25, #25XT and #60!

You asked and we delivered. The new Havalon Piranta Tracer-22 fits the #22 surgical blade, the most popular blade used by professional taxidermists. As an added bonus, the Piranta Tracer-22 fits all of the blades in the 20 thru 25 range, plus the 22XT AND the 60XT blades.

Pros use the #22 for a variety of situations including caping. The rounded-edge 22XT can give you greater control in situations where you don't want to accidentally cut through the hide. With your order you will receive one dozen #22 stainless steel blades included at no extra cost. Additional blades can be purchased in dozens or boxes of 100 located in the "Replacement Blades" section of this store.

To have a knife that fits all three Havalon blade sizes, choose this Tracer. The frame is rugged aluminum alloy with easy-grip rubber inserts. It's a Havalon, so it's lightweight - just less than three ounces.

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