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Eberlestock Skycrane II Backpack from Santana Outdoors
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Eberlestock Skycrane II Backpack

Eberlestock Skycrane II Backpack

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From the company that invented a whole new category of backpacks... 

                      Comes another whole new category of backpack.  The Skycrane II.

The J79 Skycrane II is a modular load bearing system consisting of three primary bags: the basic J79 pack, the pull-out G1 “Little Brother” pack, and a removable fanny/courier pack.  The A3SS Tactical Weapon carrier, our other Side Scabbards, and a variety of components can be added to make a seamless pack system that can be selectively configured and optimized to a variety of missions.  The basic J79 pack has a fully adjustable, robust internal aluminum/plastic frame system which can be optimized for direct-to-back carry or over-armor carry. 

Unique proprietary features enable the weapons carriers to be used singly or in combination, and to be mounted to either the J79 or G1 packs.  Both the J79 and G1 are compatible with PRC-117 type radios and other modern battlefield communications gear.

We made the J79 visually similar to our G4 Operator and F4 Terminator backpacks.  This family of pack systems leads the way in modern military pack design, in which entire units can be fitted with packs suited to individual specialties.  Because the packs have similar visual characteristics, identification of snipers and other specialist personnel will be more difficult for the enemy.


The J79 is the second-generation Skycrane, developed from the J263 Skycrane I.  The J263 was extremely well liked by soldiers in the field, who found it to be the best platform available for carrying modern heavy-class sniper rifles.


The J79 is a scalable pack system.  The system is built around a modular 2300 cubic inch internal frame pack that employs our patented Cam Expansion system.  Its unique design allows it to perform exceptionally well in a variety of configurations.  It is reducible all the way down to a fanny pack, and scalable all the way up to a full-scale 7975 cubic inch freighter that can tackle anything from an M4 to the M107 Barrett to a boat motor.  The system has a variety of gear compartments and storage spaces that are designed for flexibility, ease of operation, and accessibility.  It has the rugged, field-proven construction that has been impressing customers around the world since we perfected our pack design and construction concepts.  And above all, it is designed for comfort, to ride well day after day, and to increase the agility of those who are lucky enough to have at the heart of their mission-essential gear.

We offer a selection of Side Scabbards.  Any of them will work with the J79 system; in fact, you can combine up to three of them in the main pack to carry multiple weapons.  Shown below, the A3SS Tactical Weapon Scabbard, a configurable carrier, is capable of being rigged to contain virtually any man-portable weapon.  It links to the J79 pack's main frame panel, or can be inserted into the G1 Little Brother, as shown at right:

Please Note:  Side Scabbards are Sold Separately


  U.S. Patents 6,637,633,  6,763,987.    Other Patents Pending.


Scabbards, Hydration kits, A1SM or A2SM Shooting Mats, extra Spike Duffels, and photo kits are sold separately.  You can add them to your order as you place your pack order at our online company store.


Available in Olive Green, Coyote Brown, Dry Earth, and UNICAM. 

Color selection may vary. Retail Price $489-    


Our J2PD Lightweight Padded Camera / Sensitive Equipment Kit is tailored to fit the loadbay of the Skycrane.  Weighing only 3 pounds, this kit provides good protection, and is a heck of a lot lighter than a hard plastic Storm or Pelican case.  Although the pack will carry the latter, the truth is, this padded duffel is something that most people will prefer to carry!  You can also, of course, get a matching Storm Case from us to carry either the J2PD or the whole pack and kit combined...  We think that you'll have enough options to choose from now that we offer the J2PD!  R

So, why name a pack after a helicopter?

...well, because it seems to fit!

 -- The helicopter that hasn't got a body but can carry a house --



-- The backpack that hasn't got a body but can carry, well let's see... the wheel off of a helicopter.  Or anything else you can think of! --

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