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Eberlestock Sniper Sled Drag Bag from Santana Outdoors
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Eberlestock Sniper Sled Drag Bag

Eberlestock Sniper Sled Drag Bag

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Eberlestock Dynamite Drag Bag for Rifles At 52" long, the ERB will hold most full-scale sniper rifles with turreted optics (it was laid out to contain the McMillan .50 cal sniper rifle, and anything smaller). Its third panel folds between the weapon and the storage pouches and ammo loopholes, so it serves the dual purpose of protecting your rifle's finish from the stuff that you put inside the case and providing a wide work area when you're laying on the bag, or allows for the carriage of two long guns in the same case. This is the first tapered-shape bag that has a good setup for folding flat to form a padded shooting mat. Ample padding on all three panels makes it comfortable. Simple plasticized mesh-fronted pockets are big enough for full-size notebooks, and everything is laid out so that you have direct access and good visibility while laying on the open bag.

The ERB has a nice removable pack harness. The shoulder straps are similar to the Shooter's Harness found on our premium backpacks. The waistbelt is compact in order to minimize bulk, but still useful as a way to put the load on the hips and to stabilize the carriage of the bag.

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