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Eberlestock J34 Just One Backpack

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The Eberlestock J34, also known as the "Just One", is an extremely versatile pack. It has been our top selling pack for 3 years running.  We use and have used this Eberlestock J34 pack for many years for one day varmint hunts or seven day elk hunts.  Rifle or bow hunting, this meat hauling machine will get you into the remote back country and allow you to go in light and come out heavy. At the same time, it rides extremely comfortable on your back and hips!
Why is this one of the favorite packs amongst hunters? Well, where do we begin?  We had to see what all the fuss was about for ourselves and here's what we have discovered.  What a concept, the Eberlestock J34 is a pack that will start off as a smaller day pack at 2300 cubic inches, and expand out to 4600 cubic inches with just simply undoing a zipper.  At just under 7lbs, this Eberlestock J34 transformer will offer you great comfort with its ventilated padding on the back and hips.  A true gunslinger with its built in scabbard, and can also sling a bow with no problem! Add an Eberlestock Super Spike Duffel bag at 2900 cubic inches and watch it blow up to over 7500 cubic inches. Camping gear, clothing, and food...no problem!  Add your harvest to your load, tighten up the compression straps, and your off.  If you want the ultimate pack in hunting, the Eberlestock J34 is your solution.



Expands from its Compact 2300 cubic inches to a large 4600 meat hauling and backpacking machine. This is the latest model of the Just One family and shares the essential features of all of the others in the line. It's extremely versatile.  Has a built-in Cam Expansionsystem.  Add a Super Spike Duffel's 2900 cubic inches, and you get a 7500 cubic inch load hauler.  The photo below shows the full sequence:

Ready to order one? 

There are lots of reasons why the original J104 was a great pack, and there are still opportunities. With our Quickdraw Backscabbard™, you can reach over your shoulder and quickdraw your firearm, arrows from a quiver, etc.  As with all of our packs, the Just One is hydration system compatible.

The J34 weighs  6 lbs. 14 oz.  It's very comfortable as a daypack, and as shown by the photos at the top of the page, is capable -- and still comfortable -- while hauling very heavy loads.  The volume is variable, from about 2900 cubic inches to a little over 5400 cubic inches, then to about 7900 cubic inches when used with the Spike Camp Duffel.  Choose the Super Spike Duffel, and you can go all the way to 8300 c.i.

Quiet!  ...We're getting some terrific feedback about our products, and have a growing number of "true believers" out there who are enthusiastically telling all of their buddies about what great packs we've got.  The story typically goes, "I gave Jerry my Just One to try, and he liked it so much that he wouldn't give it back for three days."  One reason they love it is because of its comfort.  And of course, it's pretty hard to beat the kinds of innovations that we've incorporated in our designs.  But a key feature that's difficult to describe but is extremely important in a hunting pack is that it's quiet.  It rides your back like it's attached to you, and doesn't swing around, which is one of the things that makes typical packs noisy.  In addition to that, it's configured in a way that minimizes parts rubbing on one another.  So, when you're walking through a still forest, all you're going to hear is... silence.  We think you'll like what you don't hear.

Combine the Just One with our ButtBucket and Ripcord Bow tether kit as shown here, and you've got a great bowhunter's pack!

Click here for directions for using the Just One with the ButtBucket.

A note about the compression  straps and side loops on the Just One - type packs:

[Photos below show a J107, but straps on J34 are the same].

The compression straps on our packs are big and beefy for good reason.  We've seen grizzly skins and full body elk capes, and varied loads weighing as much as 177 lbs. attached to the exterior our packs using only these straps.  So they serve good purpose.  But their primary purpose, which is sometimes overlooked, is to compress the contents of the pack.  This will stabilize, compact, and quiet the load.  Think of it like tying your shoes; if you don't snug them up, the results won't be as good as if you do.

Secondly, as the packs have evolved, we've added small webbing loops to the main panel of the pack, at the forward side of the scabbard layer, as shown in the photo at left.  These allow you to compress the scabbard layer if you choose to do so.  However, if your particular rig works better with the scabbard layer un-compressed (for example, to allow your rifle to slide in and out more easily), then just bypass the loops, and go directly around the pack.

The straps are long enough to go around a full Super Spike Duffel that's mounted to the outside of your pack.  If you find that you don't have enough length with the compression straps routed through the webbing loops, then again you will want to bypass the loops, and go directly around the pack, as shown at lower right.

The above two photos are a great display of the way that a Just One can have two very different natures.  At left, you have a close-fitting, behind-the-torso hunting pack.  At right, an 8000 cubic inch freighter; the same type of pack, just expanded and with a Super Spike Duffel aboard.

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